Déjà Vu

Geauga Lake was here.

This is thee most depressing sight I have ever seen.

Geauga Lake was thee best summer amusement park for any Ohio kid. Then they turned it into Six Flag and it got even better -until it folded and turned BACK into Geauga Lake and then folded again and shut down for good back in 2007.

Ohio kids still have their trips to Cedar Pointand Kings Island, but Geauga/Six Flags was in damn near everyone’s back yard. A mere 45-30 minute summer trip of fun.

Apparently, Cedar Fair is too busy to pick up and dust off the old amusement so it sits as a large and sad reminder of where our childhood summers and memories once were.

Every web site offers contact information. Perhaps I will send marketing@cedarfair.com a little email and enquire on what they plan to do with the dump of land with rotting rides. What a site for sore eyes and not to mention the poor businesses that must roll in everyday reminded by their hurt from the lack of constant traffic and travelers.

I like to take my stand as a citizen every now and again and fire off emails of concern. This ones for your Aurora Road.

A very brief letter to Cedar Fair: (Again, marketing@cedarfair.com)

To whom it may concern,

I was just driving down Aurora Road and saw that Geauga Lake was left as is - a mere ghost town of a shut down amusement park. How terrible it must be for the business to look at that everyday. Is there a plan for the land?

Concerned citizen in a neighboring community.

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